Increased buffers?

Hi, I’m using my vero4k+ over vpn to my girlfriends appartment.
Is there any settings that can be made to increase stability when internet have bad days? To increase buffers and to maybe use some of vero memory for disc cache?

This should already be pretty optimised. I’d be surprised if you can improve things further from tweaking that.

The cache settings the Vero uses stock are as follows


You might be able to push the ram a bit more depending on your setup but it would be unlikely to make much difference if this current amount isn’t enough to smooth things over. You could set the size to 0 which would transfer the whole file to disk but you would be putting a lot of wear on the eMMC and I would be concerned with wearing it out. You might be able to relocate the temp folder to offload this wear to a SD or thumb drive but it would probably take a bit of figuring out to get there as a quick search showed the path substitution route to be problematic.

If this is a frequent issue the better solution might be something like Plex which has the ability to transcode to lower bitrates when you lack sufficient bandwidth.

Thank you. Good answers and I will accept that there will remain days when 4k wont play excellently.

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