Increasing SMB server capacity

I installed SMB server via store app, SSH is also installed

i enabled the server + client feature on windows.

i access it via \OSMC\osmc\Movies on my PC

its under 10GB capacity, is there anyway to increase.

Short answer is No, the Shared folder osmc/osmc, is located on the internal storage of your vero (which is limited in size to 16gb, so 10gb seems like what is left unused on your internal storage). If you need more storage, i would connect something like an ssd/hdd via usb bridge, usb stick or as a last option a large sd-card. Which osmc shares by default via smb, same user authentication, but the share would be something like this: //osmc/[label of the drive]

In my case i had a 8tb WesternDigital “My Book” and my osmc device hostname is “vero4k”, the windows path to access that drive from my windows box would be \\vero4k\MyBook after i had change the label to MyBook (couldn’t stand the " " in label name, it worked with " ", but it felt unnatural).

ah i see, is micro-SD faster than USB drive?

Either one should be fast enough to stream video from. If your looking for room to store video files a self powered external (spinning rust style) hard drive normally will prove to be a less expensive and more reliable option on a per TB basis.

it’s not streaming, just run from server, either buit in storage or connected USB drive, looks like the speed will likely be the same, takes 30 minutes to copy 15gb file to server, anyway to speed it up?

i am only lookig to store 2-3 files at a times, i delete them when finished.

How are you connected? Wired with Gigabit?
You can first check the network speed.

it is wired from PC to hub
it is wireless from Vero 4k+
server is on the vero 4k+

i get 3.00 mb.

if i add micro sd card does it join onto internal storage, or is it a seperate drive like how the usb shows another directory.

\OSMC\osmc\Movies (internal storage) 10gb
\Osmc\usb (usb drive) 32gb.

That would be very slow. Do you have separate SSID’s for 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ?

It will be a separate directory/share same as USB

i don’t think so, it’s a BT Smart Hub 2.

If you can run an ethernet cable that would be the most ideal. Otherwise you would have to do something to make your wifi connection better. Some people find forcing a 5ghz connection (by creating a 5ghz only ssid) helps, but this is dependent on the particulars of the location (ie if the Vero is close enough to the access point to get a good 5ghz signal and the AP being capable of creating said network).

Another option may be to not transfer the files in the first place. You can create a shared folder on your PC and add that location to Kodi. You can then just navigate to this folder via the “videos” section in Kodi. Although you said iperf came back with only 3mb your previous statement was 15gb in a half hour which is around 8MB/s and adequate normally for things other than full BR rips.

having trouble adding the folder in videos in vero 4k+

in network icon on pc i have \PC-PC\Users & i have mapped network \PC-PC\Users\PC\Videos to Z drive.

i dont see etiher in vero 4k+

Have a read through the following thread…

sorry, too complex to read, sais it wont work anyway for high res video.