Information about your OSMC account


Now I’m even a little more confused. Since I’ve purchased a Vero 4k in the past, I must have had a non-discourse account already, and it should have been associated with the same email address as my discourse account (I think – I checked most of my other addresses for OSMC order status emails, etc). I think I definitely need an admin to sort this all out :slight_smile:


Orders will only show under your OSMC account if you were logged in at the time of purchase.

We may link old orders later


Anyway to have my old forum acct connect with my old store acct??


I can transfer the orders over to your new account. This is probably the easiest way. What are your numbers?



See new profile below:


Ok I made some changes on my end…

So Here are my store purchases that I would like transferred from “outlook” (old profile) to “gmail” (new/surviving profile):

May 18th 2017 = #PM sent

July 25th 2018 = #PM sent

PM sent