Initial setup over the command line


After installing OSMC via the installation wizard, which works perfectly by the way, I was directly able to get it to boot up and have it show the initial configuration. Now in order to complete this setup, as of now, I would require a mouse and/or keyboard. Would it be possible to have an (interactive) terminal command to do this over the CLI? I’m asking this because I’m able to SSH into the machine directly, and don’t always have a (wired) mouse and/or keyboard at hand. Being able to do this without these would be awesome. Would love to hear from you.

EDIT: Just found out about this;; but as a terminal-savvy person, this would still kick ass.

Just touch the walkthrough completed file and all will be well.

As OSMC is intended to be used as a media center, it’s expected that some sort of display will be connected and used to complete the setup. We have no control over what Kodi allows you to configure by CLI. It’s unlikely, with the very limited resources of the OSMC dev team, much time would be spent on such a niche request but you are welcome to submit a pull request if you come up with something.