Initiate RF dongle pairing from command line?


I’ve got a Dish 40.0 RF/IR remote that I’m trying to figure out how to pair. Normally you’d pair this with a Dish Hopper by putting the Hopper on the sys info screen (or whatever) and then pressing and holding the SAT button on the remote. I assume that means the Hopper listens for a I want to pair signal from the remote, which is sent when you hold the SAT button. So, I’m trying to figure out a process between the Vero 4K+ and Dish 40.0 that will work but I certainly do not want to keep unplugging and plugging in the RF dongle. My question is, how can I engage the RF dongle pairing function from the command line?

Thanks guys

The RF dongle cannot be paired but you can use IR instead. You can program the Dish remote to AUX using the Xbox 360 profile (dish code “Microsoft, 2202”) and in the My OSMC app you would need to go into the remotes section and enable the “xbox360-lircd” option.

EDIT: There might be better codes than the Microsoft ones to use. When I actually tried this on my Dish remote I found that there was no back or exit mapped and direction up/down was mapped to page up/down with the channel up/down mapped to direction up/down. I remember these codes working correctly years ago with my older Dish stuff but it has been years. I was trying to find something better that works with existing profiles in OSMC but my Joey just told me that I was locked out of testing new codes for 24hrs. Grrr

I’m a bit confused when you say the RF dongle can’t be paired. There are instructions here from Sam on how to (re-)pair the RF remote. Do you mean that the pairing method/protocol for the RF dongle is non-standard? I’d really like to find a way to get the Dish 40.0 RF side to work. We love those remotes and use them (well, the 20.1 IR only until now) on all our Kodi’s.

I never knew the xbox360 lircd conf was compatible but ages ago I successfully mapped all the Dish 20.1 buttons using a homebrew serial IR. Later when I switched to mceusb usb-based IR receivers, I adapted the conf for that. And then later again created a .toml version used by ir-keytable and the eBPF kernel driver instead of lircd. All of that is IR though and I’m trying to eliminate cables & external devices which is why I really want to figure out how to get that Dish 40.0 RF/IR working with the RF dongle, or some other usb RF dongle if for some reason that’s necessary.

The RF on your Dish remote is only for communication with Dish devices. All other devices that are programed to it can only be done with IR. I assume you have a Vero and that has IR built-in. My OSMC has different remote configurations you can select and if you can find one of those that match up with a code in your Dish remote then that eliminates the need to go though the learning process you did before.

This pairs an OSMC remote to an OSMC remote dongle.