Install Amazon Prime UK app on Vero 4K

I have dug out my Vero 4K after a long time as I wanted my visiting parents to watch something after my PC blew.

I have a paid subscription to Amazon Prime Video UK and dont want to stream for free. Can I get an app that will let me use Prime Video legitimately? I have read some threads about getting banned for using it, but I assume this when you are trying to stream without paying. If anyone can push me towards a working legit download I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Now, i don’t have access to Amazon Prime, but I’ve heard thatyou can use my netflix-prep script and ignore the netflix add installation, even though the script downloads the netflix addon zip file, youdont have to install it in kodi.

Instead download and install sandman79s repository

Thank-you so much for the reply. This is the legit version for a paid subscription is it? I dont want to get banned. Cheers.

As i said i can’t test it, but as I understood sandman79s addon ask for your Prime credentials, so my guess is that you have to have a paid prime account.

Here you find more information about the addon:

I have this installed on a few Kodi boxes, including a Vero, and it works ok with my official Amazon log-in credentials, but you only get SD picture, although it will frame-rate match on 24p.

The add-on is legit, but you’re limited to a maximum video resolution of 960x540.