Install Amazon Prime Video on Leia

Hi. This morning i updated with last OsmC (kodi v18 Leia)
but in the add-on video list i can’t find Amazon Prime Video add-on

Is there another way to install Amazon Prime Video on OSMC v18?

I haven’t another add-on installed.
i use Estuary Skin
I use OSMC on Raspberry Pi2

Thanks a lot

This is how I would do it:

Ssh into you pi2 and run these command:


Then in Kodi go:
Settings->Add-on browser->Install from zip
navigate to home folder and chose

That should install all dependencies and then you should find it under Video->Add-ons

First time you start a video in Amazon prime it will prompt you to install libwidvine, accept all requests. On a pi2 this will take a while, and remember to change inputstream.adaptive settings to 480p.

Edit: Instructions are for OSMC-skin, but you should be able to alter them to fit Estuary skin

Amazon Video is now limited to 480p as they have adjusted their Widevine settings.

Thanks @sam_nazarko and @joakim_s forse reply.
I didn’t Know about limitation of 480p. Now i’m undecided about installed Amazon Prime Video.
Do you Know something on upgrade ti 720/1080p in the recente future?

Is there a plan/ETA to have a fully functional version of Amazon prime? And Netflix? So far, on my vero 4k I am struggling to get either to work. But I’ll try the 480p setting.

No — we don’t have any plans for this


This does not work for me. I get Failed to install Add-on from zip file.

Try to update you Kodi-repository, instructions here:

Instead of Netflix add-on try with the Amazon add-on

I’m assuming that you install the necessary python packages in the system, pycryptodome

also for me it doesn’t work “Failed to install Add-on from zip file”.
i went to Setting-> Add-on browser->Install from repository
but i didn’t find Kody repository…
i found context menus, games add-on, information provider,ect…
but there isn’t kody repository…
i also tried in this point to press left arrow (option) and i started “check for uodate” and restarted mediacenter but it doesn’t work ever “Failed to install Add-on from zip file”.

I too am having the same issue and despite spending some considerable time trying to find a solution, no-one seems to have found anything which is very disappointing.