Install aMule on new Vero V

This is my first post here, so nice to meet you all.
I am interested in getting a Vero V, but would like to know wether it is possible or not to install aMule (daemon) on it, and connect remotely from a laptop using aMuleGUI.
I currently do this using a RaspberryPi, but I am eager to move to a Vero, and not sure will be able to do that.

Thanking you in advance.

Kind regards,

The Vero runs Debian as an OS. So everything that is available for Debian for the ARM architecture can be installed (just if it is a graphical application and then X Server it is slightly more complicated).

Thank you fzinken for your prompt response.

I am not very proficent in Linux, just use to follow guides and howto’s.
If I have understood correctly, OSMC is based in Debian OS (linux), wether it is installed on a Vero or on a RaspberryPi.
In my RaspberryPi I have OSMC, and through SSH I have been able to install aMule daemon, a launcher to launch it, and that is enough to remotely connect from my laptop.

So, since also in Vero OSMC is based in Debian (linux), I should be able to do the same exact thing, connect through SSH and install the required software.
Am I right?