Install Crystalbuntu2 / Kodi - instructions for OSX or Windows users

Hi wrxtasy,

just wanted to say that you’ve got another satisfied customer:) To be sure, I deleted all addons from within Gotham and also my userdata before I followed your install script. 5min later Kodi was up and running.


And that was actually my first bit of scripting in Ubuntu ever ! :wink:

Gotta thank Sam for introducing me to Ubuntu via the ATV1 and Crystalbuntu in the first place.
Coming from a Newbie start. I’ve learnt quite a bit over the journey, especially when official Crystal HD support was removed from Kodi. Really I think that has been the most rewarding aspect of the entire process ironically.

is there a update Kodi Isengard beta 2?

There can be and also a Kodi Isengard RC version but it will not have Crystal HD Hardware acceleration coded back into it.
Too much Kodi code has changed since Alpha2 and I have no time at the moment to revert and edit the master Kodi code itself.

I’m not seeing any significant new features between Alpha2 and RC that would benefit Kodi on the ATV1 anyway.

I install crystalbuntu 40GB image and update to kodi 14.2 It’s working great! Thanks Wrxtasy!!!

@wrxtasy - Nice :slight_smile: Very nice.

Is this like a summarized/ simpler cleaned up version of this discussions we had here?

Yes Simpler, cleaner and confirmed success by a bunch of users now. :smile:

Thanks. Another satisfied “customer” here. I have a Mac mini (mid-2010) running OSX 10.10.4 and Kodi 14.2, serving a raspberry pi running OSMC (2015.06-1), a MacBook Pro (OSX 10.9.5, Kodi, 14.2), an iMac (OSX 10.10.4, Kodi 14.2) and an ATV1 with CHD running wrxtasy’s Kodi 14.2 off a thumb drive. The remote devices get NFS shares from the mini (thanks AGAIN to wrxtasy!!) and MySQL. Everything works great!

I updated the mini from 10.6.8 specifically to be able to keep up with Kodi going forward. I’m seeing a MySQL roadblock for my ATV1 if it remains at 14.2 and the mini gets updated to 15; is that correct? Is there any good way to address the 15/14 disparity and make MySQL work. The main thing I’m looking forward to in Kodi 15 is the FF/RW improvement.

Or should I just cool my jets at 14.2 on everything and wait for OSMC for ATV, which Sam says will eventually update to Kodi 15 sometime after OSMC/ATV and Kodi 15 are both stable? I can be patient.

Or is there anything else (wrxtasy?) for ATV with CHD support in the works? Thanks.

Cheers. :smile:
You may have missed this bit that will give you Kodi 15 Isengard Alpha2, I’m not sure what MySQL compatibility it has. FF/RW works a lot better. It seems pretty stable this Alpha2 and even if it is not you can still backtrack and run the Kodi 14.2 install script again and get back to where you started.

I may try again and revert CHD support back into Isengard RC one more time…

Thanks @wrxtasy. I did miss that bit, though it’s clear as day. I’ll give it a shot once OSMC updates to 15 (which I need for the pi device).

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Thanks @wrxtasy
Tried it a couple of times and got it to work nicely.
Now to try using the spare ATV1 as a base for a low power quiet NAS.

i tried and get an error message using cyberduck
“Connection refused apple tv”
i ping the ip address and it works
any suggestions?

I tried this out today on one of my atvs and it worked like a charm. Thanks a bunch for the effort :slight_smile:

I have got an 8 GB SSD in my Apple TV. Can I follow the same procedure or should I do something different?

I’ve got a 30GB SSD in my Apple TV. It seems that the 40GB image will not work on a smaller drive, or will it? Can someone please help? Thank you!

:slight_smile: Awesome. Just wanted to make sure I have the right BZ2 downloaded from the previous thread.
SHA1 Hash: 4c3374c6f5ea225a3a5ddc22d50ba309008d9e46

Should we add another pre-step on RESET of ATV OS before starting this? That way we can backup a fresh ATV OS for restore purposes and always have this way of installing CB2.

No there is no need as the OpenElec Wiki covers Restoring the Apple Frontrow OS:

Hi @wrxtasy
First off, thanks for all your hard work.
What is the possibility of getting a 30GB image?
I noticed a few other forum members, myself included, have upgraded the original 40GB HDD to a smaller SSD, thus not allowing us to copy the image over.
Thanks again,


I would really, really appreciate if someone created a 30GB (better 28GB) image. I am really looking forward to this! @wrxtasy - can you please, please do this for us?


This is very cool! Is there some way to run crystalbuntu2/kodi on the ATV1 from a USB stick?

That is, without a hard drive in the ATV1.