Install Emby server on vero4k?

Hi all,

Hoping for some help, and this might be a dumb question so bear with me!

I have a vero4k and it’s a sweet device. Recently I’ve started watching some tv shows on my computer just because i can use headphones and it’s more convenient (sleeping baby/wife :sleeping:)

A little bit of detail - connected via USB to my vero4k is a 1tB hard drive. This is my source for media for the vero. I have no always-on server or NAS. My computer is a laptop that is off most of the time. The vero is on most of the time. Right now when watching something on my laptop, i map across the network (\osmc\USBdrive) and just double click the file i want to watch, and some windows video player app plays it for me.

I thought it might be a cool idea to see if there was a solution out there where I could have the my progress through tv shows synced between my PC and my vero4k.

So, after some googling it seems emby is a pretty good solution. From what I can see emby requires a client, and considering vero runs kodi, i figured i might as well run kodi on my laptop and then the experience should be pretty similar. So i installed emby on my laptop, and i guess it does it’s thing. I installed the emby-kodi addon on the vero, but then I had a thought: if i try and watch a show on the vero with my laptop turned off, i guess it’s not going to work, as the emby server won’t be available?

So, can i install emby server on my vero (which is usually on), and have my laptop kodi and the vero use it for their database?

or, alternatively, is there a different solution where i can sync what i have watched across both devices?

This might work: [Testing] Simple Emby Server installer. It’s an old tutorial though so I’m not sure how update to date this is.

If you use Kodi on other devices, you could set up a shared MySQL library on the Vero 4K which would let you sync playback status and library information.

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You could install mysql server on the Vero and use mysql database on both devices, that would sync libraries and watched status

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Whoa, i read that simple emby installer thread… damn. that is more complicated that I would have hoped for.
However, this shared sql thing sounds like a much easier/more native solution.

Is this the correct link for me to try and do it?

Yes. The location for the advancedsettings.xml file in OSMC is /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

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Which you even don’t need as you can set the mysql settings via MyOSMC :slight_smile:

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oh nice!
ok, excuse my ignorance here.
I have gone to the My OSMC option in the vero, I have selected the Network option, and i see a MySQL nav menu item on the left. I selected it, i ticked the “Enable MySQL VideoDB” option, and i entered this:

IP: 127.0.01
port: 3306
user : kodi
pass: kodi

as the vero is going to be my sql server source of truth… ?? is this the right way to do it?

You would need to install MySQL server on your Vero 4K first.


Yes after you installed the mysql server on the Vero4K and configured the user

Very honestly, I had the same issue (not because of the kids, but because i wanted it to work :slight_smile: )…
I scrapped the server and use Yatsee as a Kodi remote control on my android devices.
The thing is, with yatsee, you can buy (I got it for 3 euro or so), the extension allowing you to actually watch/listen to the medias on your local device (here android phone/tablet).
Way easier… :slight_smile:

In case you want to use a different Kodi instance, then you’ll need a Database server somewhere (Using mariadb/mysql) on my NAS - and I have 4 devices accessing the same DB and Medias for Videos, and 3 more for Music only :slight_smile:
And of course the kids access music etc. through Yatsee too.

ahh… i knew there must be a catch. and I see it’s not in the osmc app store either?
OK. time to spin up SSH so i don’t have to try and type using the remote I guess.

i’m going to follow this guide, does it look right?

Hi guys, i’m back.

I have used the above link to install everything (MySQL (MariaDB…), apache, phpMyAdmin), and it all seems to be running as expected. I went back into the My OSMC thing, clicked on Network option, selected the MySQL section, ticked the “Enable MySQL VideoDB”, and set it up as below:

Name: MyVideos
IP Address:
port: 3306
user: osmc
pass: osmc
import watched: yes
import resume: yes

I then back out and try and select the Exit menu item. It then throws up a notification “Unhandled exception caught… please see logs”. I uploaded the logs HERE, but I can’t see any exceptions mentioned. Does anyone have any idea what’s happening?