Install NordVPN addons


I want to install the nodVpn addon so i’ve donwloaded the package from the NordVPN website, put it on a usb storage and tried to launch install zip file but i’ve got an error :
the dependency on xbmc.python version 2.7.0 could not be satisfied

Could yu tell me how to solve this ?

I’m using Kodi 19.5

Python 2.7 is very old and not supported in Kodi 19 (Matrix) or later. If there isn’t an updated version of the addon for Kodi Matrix, then you need to ask the NordVPN folks to update it for Kodi Matrix, which uses Python 3.

Or install the latest openvpn, choose nordvpn provider and you’ll need to generate a token on the nordvpn website. Install openvpn as a zip in kodi and it shows as an addon.

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OK, i’ve got à reply from nordvpn and their addon only work with python 2.7…
I’ll try with openvpn

Ok, VPN Manger for OpenVPN is installed, i’ve choose NordVPN during wizard, enter my credentials, but got a authentification error…however, credentials are good ! Do you know Why ?

Did you get a token from the nordvpn site, also what version did you use? I’d have thought the latest version would work but maybe matrix needs a slightly older version.

Sorry I just realised I use the zomboided vpn manager for openvpn, try here GitHub - Zomboided/service.vpn.manager: VPN plugin for Kodi

Get token here

OK, i tried with 7.0.1, i’ll try this one…

The latest is 7.0.3 but I’m running omega on another device as my 4k+ went wrong. 6.9.3 will probably work, might need uninstall openvpn first.