Install Not Working

I am using a rpi 1 model b+. I have downloaded the osmc installer for windows… choose english… choose rpi 1/zero. wired setup etc… This goes through it’s write they yay go nuts and enjoy…when i plug the card in to the pi and load it up i get just a black screen… nothing else… I have tried redownloading image. didn’t work. though ok maybe it is a pi2. tried that… nope nothing… any hints???


Try a stronger power supply or a different SD card in the first instance. OSMC takes a lot more power than Raspbian.

Tried 3 cards 2 different power supplies including the one from my RP3.

I should also mention the red and green light on the pi come on but stay on constantly. Usually the green i think it is would flash indicating that is was doing something.

Try a card with the Rasbpian OS loaded instead. That will determine if the problem is with your Pi or with OSMC.