Install osmc on usb on raspberry pi 3b+

Hi can i please get some help trying to install on usb to boit from it rather than sd card, i had read with the 3b+ this was possible but when try to boot i get a rainbow screen then a message on osmc screen error that states

Not found Bootfs

Any ideas please

Not suggested for OSMC

ok thanks for response, i had already read that but its still unclear, can this be done?

it says at start it cant but then says that the pi3+ can already boit from usb, but it does not say how to resolve the issue

It can be done with some hackery, but it’s not supported by the upgrade process so may well cause problems later.

If you ‘install to USB’ most of your files will be on USB, but we recommend you still use an SD card as the boot disc.

ok thanks im new to Rpi, i bought a 256gb usb as i read performance from usb is faster, so would it be more beneficial to have a small sd card just to boot then use the usb or would it be better to just have a large sd card and just use it

also if go the sd and usb route, how exactly is this done

appreciate all the help


You can choose to install to USB in the installer. It’s a bit confusing because the install image is always written onto an SD card, but when you boot from that SD card, the main file system is put onto the USB drive.

I think. I’ve never actually done it :wink:

ok great, apologies for all questions but what would be the better performance?

Its a Pi so it doesn’t have that much umph to begin with and unless you are using a 5$ chinese knock-off SD card it shouldn’t bottleneck your system

I believe a high quality high speed SD card would be as performant as.

ok great mate thanks

Be sure the SD card is name brand and is Class (10) or higher OSMC boots in seconds