Install other OS

Fresh install of OSMC:

  • cant ssh in…
  • cant gain local terminal access, maybe keyboard not recognised?

I want to install NextCloud instead.

where to start? is this Vera4k just a rpi3 ?

No other linux distributions are officially supported for the Vero platform. It’s not just a Pi3.

Instead of another distro, how about we help you getting OSMC running?

Nextcloud is not an OS, it is an Application that can run on an OS like OSMC.

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You’re certainly free to have what ever opinion you like, but I’m here to tell you that in this case, while you might think it’s just an app… That the only way I can see to get nextcloud running on something like my rpi3 is actually via the disk image they supply. So in that regard you’re wrong.

But this is all redundant anyway now, since I was initially mistaken.
I don’t want nextcloud… I want open media vault, because I want home assistant and node red and other various docket containers add my heart may desire.

I know from previous experience that an armh CPU just won’t cut it here.


It’s not an opinion it’s a statement of fact. Nextcloud is not an os. It can run on many different operating systems.