Install packages through apt of the "app store"?

Hi there!

Thanks for the great work on OSMC. I really like that I can ssh into my media centre and have all Debian packages at my fingertips. However, there is also the app store in My OSMC. From logs it appears the store is using apt. Some packages can be installed both from the command line and through the app store, such as armv6l-transmission-app-osmc, which enables transmission-daemon on the system.

Does it matter in which way I install a package if it is available both in the app store and through apt?

Next I am going to set up file sharing through SMB and NFS and I much prefer the command line.



It does not matter

But OSMC Apps are officially supported. If you install them via apt-get, we cannot offer direct support and you’re on your own. OSMC provides a very capable Samba Server package for example that will auto-share attached media and create appropriate shares. If you install samba manually, you’d be expected to get it working yourself.


Aha. Do I understand correctly that apt install smb-app-osmc and installing samba through the app store gives the same result? Can I after installing this package change the configuration files or does that likely mess things up?

Same result.

But don’t change smb.conf directly or it may be overwritten in a future update