Install Ubuntu or CentOS on Vero 4K

Would it be possible to do this?

I want to remove OSMC / Kodi and just install a minimal Ubuntu or CentOS with MATE on it and use it with mouse & keyboard.

Is that possible to do? How would I start with this?

If it’s a desktop you want to have, there is a solution for OSMC too.

It’s a simple installation script that install a desktop that can be started from Kodi, that close Kodi and starts X-windows. It was initially made for Pi but there are some unique Vero4k instructions too.

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It’s possible, but it would take some considerable work.

I am willing to do the work - are there any guides for it?

I am sure I am not the only one wanting to try this out.

There aren’t any guides, but it’s not unique to another ARM system. I’d say use something like Rinse or Yumbootstrap to build up a minimal chroot environment and then build the kernel. You can use our config but just adjust root= parameters to point to your target medium.