Install UPS autoshutdown software on PI 3B

Hi everyone,
I’m running Homebridge (latest updates) and OSMC 2019.04-1 over KODI18,2-RC1 on my Raspberry PI 3B.
I bought a CyberPower UPS model EC850LCD and I would like it to auto-shutdown my PI before battery gets empty on power loss.
I need to install the PowerPanel Personal Edition software (from CyberPower) on my OSMC so the UPS can shutdown my PI on power loss.
CyberPower provides PowerPanel for Debian 8 32/64bit, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32/64bit, Red Hat Enterprise 7 32/64bit, Fedora 32/64bit, CentOS 7 64bit, openSUSE 64bit.
It’s available in deb, rpm et tar.gz format for either 32 or 64 bits architecture.
I already tried installing the deb file but got an “Incompatible architecture” error message.

Any clue on the easyest way to make that work ?

I already posted on KODI community but was kindly redirected here.

Thanks for any help.

Would recommend that you look at opensource alternatives like acupsd

The 32-bit code is built for Intel 80386 processors, so is incompatible with the Raspberry Pi’s armhf architecture. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any source code for the product, so it’s very likely to be closed source.

Update: Taken from the Licence:

You acknowledge and agree that the PowerPanel is proprietary products of
CyberPower under international copyright law and disclosed to you by CyberPower
in confidence.

When I quickly looked at it yesterday, it seemed to be oriented toward APC UPSs.
But I will have a deeper look at it.


I agree, I asked CyberPower if they had an armhf build available and the answer was evasive…

I will ask tthem if they would be willing to open the driver part of it at least.
This way I could setup the UPS using my windows PC and then connect tu UPS to my PI who would be able to respond to the UPS’s interrupts.

What about NUT ? I haven’t found my model in the supported list. But assuming I could find a compatible model, would it really be an alternative ?

Thanks for help and searches.

That’s a no then.