Install .zip file directly from github

I want to install a .zip file directly from github using OSMC. Somehow this seems like such an obvious way of installing add-ons, since almost all kodi add ons are on github anyway. Is there a possibility to do this?

Device: Rasp Pi 2
Ram: 1024
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired
Power Supply Type: Phone Adapter
Power specs:
Peripherals: USB HUB with External HD (ext4)
Audio/Video Output: HDMI

Easiest way is to download it directly to your home directory using wget in an SSH session:


Then just browse to it in the Kodi GUI.

I want to concatenate to this “old” thread to create another question:

It’s possibly to create somethigs like a custom/auto installation script for install an addons and all your dependencies ?

For example… in my case i want to install skin from kodi official forum:
Estuary MOD

This skin actually need to install so many dependencies addons and in the same thread it’s present so many link to github project.
The problems it’s actually some addons it’s already installed on currently OSMC setup like the “script.skinshortcuts”. I thinks this skin need the latest GIT but when you use a ZIP file directly from github there’s a little problems whit the folder inside the ZIP files… for example if you download this:
script.skinshortcuts master from github

And you look after inside the ZIP files the folder of same addons already installed on OSMC it’s “script.skinshortcuts-master”. I thinks this is cause a little confusion on addons folder and possibly problems whit “duplicated” folder.

At this point… it’s possibly to create an automation installation script ? Somethigs to download files from github whitout the “-master” at the end ?

Some example about my question:
Found after google search…