Installation Issue, stuck in an installation loop

I was able to install and use OSMC successfully on my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with a 32GB sd card. After hours of using it, I installed Transmission from the App Store, OSMC froze (I don’t know if it is during or after installing Transmission) and I lost connection from my Kore remote app to OSMC, so I decided to unplugged my RPi and turned it on again. So, the RPi won’t boot, it stayed on a black screen with some error messages, unfortunately I wasn’t able to write down those error messages.I tried reinstalling OSMC from PC, I am using OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20171102.img then I inserted it back to my RPi, it froze again halfway during the “Installing files” so I restarted my RPi. It installed successfully but after it boots up again it just goes on to the installation process (Formatting, Installing files). I tried to reinstall it again from PC but the issue is still there.

I also took a look at the contents of the SD card after installation, the boot partition is still there. (171MB with files filesystem.tar, start_cd.elf, fixup_cd.dat etc.) and an unformatted partition.

What could be the problem and how do I resolve this? Thanks.

Either a bad power supply or a bad SD Card. I Suggest to try another quality SD Card or if that not on hand check your SD Card with either of these programs

I have a sufficient power supply, 2.5A@5V, it’s the one that came with the RPi kit. The SD card is brand new. I’ll check the SD card with the programs you said. Thanks.