Installed Krypton, some questions


I have two raspberry 2, with bluetooth logitech keyboards K830, HifiBerry DAC+Pro, on mysql shared libraries.

Just upgrade one of them from 16.1 to 17 to see how it feels. Installation went well, fast, and all works nice.

But, regarding the skin, I have some questions:

  • On home page, how to show last added in Films and Music instead of random ?
  • When playing a film, previously I could use my keyboard to click anywhere on the timeline and immediately go to time I want. Now, clicking on the timeline just does nothing, so I for example can’t go middle of the film to check if language is right before playing, etc. Can only play it and wait …
  • In parameters, for example in customize home menu, there is no confirmation Apply/Cancel ? I could only do ‘esc’ on the keyboard to come back to previous menu. Odd
  • From home page, hitting Films or Music get me to the Films or Music wall, ok. But once more, I have to hit ‘esc’ on keyboard to go back to home, no home/back button anywhere ?
  • In File view, as Wall, or sub folders have just an icon without any text. So me have to hover it with the cursor to see the folder name. Any option for that ?
  • In File view, in root, we have only display option as list. Can’t set them as wall to see all folders. Also, selecting the right folder with mouse/keyboard track-pad is horrible, as when you hover a title, it get bigger and the cursor become hover another title !! Can only use the keyboard arrows to be reliable.

More to come, but addressing these basic shortcomings would really help.

Ok, I have activated Estuary in addons/skins, and tactil option in settings, and all is a LOT better !! WoW !