Installer feature request

I would like to do a new install with max_usb_current set to 1 by the installer on pi2. I can set the wifi up in the installer, but still have to modify config.txt by hand to get the external hard drive to power up. Would be nice if I could do this via a setting in the installer.

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EDIT: moved to “Feature request”

Interesting idea. We’ll think of something sensible. We don’t want to expose arbitrary options and normal users end up with a screwed install. But this option makes sense. Hopefully people using it remember to have a stable power supply :smile:

Sounds like you want to perform a USB install to a USB attached hard drive. You’ll likely end up with a slower install than any of the other install options (SD, USB flash drive or NFS). You also have the possibly unwanted side effect that the USB device is formatted as part of the install.

No, I’m running from an sd card, but all my movies etc on external USB Hard drive. The drive won’t power up without patching config.txt

I can do this from osmc settings after first boot, then reattach the drive, but would be nice to have this as an option in the installer alongside setting WiFi.

Yes, a nice clear prompt like osmc-settings has :relaxed: