Installer issues

Just wanted to report a bug I found. I had to reinstall from scratch and when using the installer to install the latest image 2016.04-1, once installed, the osmc settings has issues. It takes about 5 minutes to load each menu in network settings (also periodically drops out wifi and won’t reconnect), and app store sometimes comes up and other times does not.

I have installed this on multiple cards using 2 different raspberry pi 2’s with 2 different edimax ew7811un wifi adapters (one only a month old).

When I do a fresh install choosing the 2016.02-3 image, everything works fine.

Could you provide some debug enabled logs?
Also maybe change the title of the thread as I doubt it is related to the installer. Maybe “MyOSMC slow response with on fresh 2016.04-1 install” is more accurate