Installing a launcher on vero 4k device

Is there a way to install a launcher on the Vero 4K? I would like to have access to more things then just Kodi and can only think of using a launcher to do so. I am not sure how that works and if that will remove the auto updates of the Vero 4K. Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t really understand the question, but if I understood it correctly you might want to have a look at RetrOSMC or my X-windows launcher scripts.

What are you trying to start, what software are we talking about? I’ll gladly help you if I can

Op seems to be confused and think that OSMC operates on/like Android OS, in that a launcher is essentially like a desktop or the GUI of your smart phone. OSMC is actually built on Debian Linux and does not include a desktop environment as that is a bit outside the scope for the use it was designed for. A desktop environment could possibly be installed, I think there is a thread here somewhere, but op may be less than impressed if he expects typical mobile apps to be available as they are on Android or iOS.

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You are correct. I was assuming Vero 4K was an android OS but it sounds like it is not there fore it is not possible. I was trying to get some kind of launcher so I could use chrome browser and other stuff on it if I wanted to but that doesn’t sound possible. Thanks for the info.

Not exactly true @hoochster67