Installing a tuner stick on RPi 3/B+

I’m new to the forum and new to OSMC. What I see with OSMC so far is very impressive–many thanks for those who have poured gobs of time into this endeavor.

I hope to get a backend and front end live & recorded TV system in place on a Raspberry Pi 3/B+. (I might split the front and back ends into separate devices if needed.)

Does OSMC automatically download and configure drivers for tuners to work with TVheadend, or does tuner hardware need to be configured separately via the command line? I’ve searched through the documentation and this isn’t clear to me.

For what it’s worth, I plan to use a Hauppauge DualHD tuner stick as my OTA source.

Thanks in advance!


Also I can recommend the tuner in the osmc store.

Thanks Tom.

Thank you, Tom. That sounds pretty simple… plug and play! I’ve browsed through so many threads and other how-to guides that suggested otherwise. I guess those are largely out of date.

Will try this tonight. Thanks again.

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Only if your stick is supported by the current driver base. Also “dual” sticks are known to be cumbersome.

It worked! Thanks for the help.

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The Hauppauge WinTV-DualHD is working well on my RPi 3, connected through a powered USB hub. I attached an external USB drive to the same hub as well to allow more PVR storage and all seems to be operating smoothly with TVheadend and the RPi as the backend server.

Is it at all possible to use both tuners simultaneously? Or is this a bridge too far?