Installing addons from zip file?

Hi all,

Im new to OSMC. I have used Raspbmc before and installed addons from zip files that I downloaded from other repositories before. I for some reason do not understand how to do this under OSMC. I can add the desired repository but can not install the required information from its downloaded zip file to be able to access the repositories addons.

Thank you for any help and direction.

It should work just the same. If you’re confused by the skin, just change it to Confluence (same skin as Raspbmc used) and it should work exactly like you’re used to.

I tried both skins and was not able to find the ‘install Add-On from zip’ option.
I followed some manuals on the net, and all say it should be there (or even in a menu on directory up) but in both location it simply isn’t there.

Is there something else that could be happening?

Well not sure where you are looking but if I open Add-ons I get the follwoing

I can only find these 2 screens:

(sorry about 2 posts… but “new users can only put one image in a post.”)

Select the “…” at the top of the page.

that worked.
Amazing… I looked for so long…

Thnx @ActionA!