Installing Amazon and libwidvine on 4GB card

Hello to all. I’m struggling installing the Amazon video plugins due to the "lack"of space in my sd card.

I have two PIs (2 and 3) both running off a 4GB card. I always thought I wouldn’t need much space as I’m playing media stored on a NAS, but now when starting the add-on first time it asks for the permission to download the chrome OS image from where to extract the libwidvine library. When authorized to do so, the system visualises a message related to lack of space (needing 2GB).

I checked the free space on both cards and I have about 1.6-1.7GB depending on which card I’m checking.
Do I have any chance to install the library manually, symlink some folder to a temporary external USB drive or network folder, or am I forced to upgrade the installation to an 8GB card I wold have to buy for this purpose only?

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestion or feedback

4GB is really small. Both of my Pi’s use more that, and I have no additional addons installed on either of them. It’s mostly the thumbnails using the space.

It’s not hard to move an installation to a new card. Using a tool like CloneZilla makes it super simple.

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