Installing Android on 8GB card

In the wiki for Android it’s said that "At the time of writing, you will need an SD card with a capacity of at least 8GB.

I have tried to install Android on three different 8GB sdcard, one original raspberry pi sdcard, one kingston and a Transcend card, all with the same negative result, that there is not enough memory. Is it really possible to install on 8GB cards?

Yes – it’s really possible.

I deliberately undersized the image to around 7.5GB so that it should fit on most 8GB cards. @ActionA had a similar problem (all card capacity varies slightly), so I reduced the size of the image some time ago:

dd if=/dev/zero of=OSMC_TGT_vero2_android_$date.img bs=1M count=7300 conv=fdatasync
parted -s OSMC_TGT_vero2_android_$date.img mklabel msdos
parted -s OSMC_TGT_vero2_android_$date.img mkpart primary fat32 4096s 128M
parted -s OSMC_TGT_vero2_android_$date.img mkpart primary ext4 130M 1200M
parted -s OSMC_TGT_vero2_android_$date.img mkpart primary ext4 1201M 6900M
parted -s OSMC_TGT_vero2_android_$date.img mkpart primary ext4 6901M 100%
kpartx -a OSMC_TGT_vero2_android_$date.img
mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/mapper/loop0p1
mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/loop0p2
mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/loop0p3
mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/loop0p4
tune2fs -c0 -i0 /dev/mapper/loop0p2
tune2fs -c0 -i0 /dev/mapper/loop0p3
tune2fs -c0 -i0 /dev/mapper/loop0p4

Try using a tool like Win32DiskImager or USB Image Tool to write the image, and check your card reader. I can reduce the size further, but my understanding is most people have been able to write to an 8GB card without issue. SanDisk Ultra 8GB seems to be no problem.

Yes now it’s possible!
Thank you !

If you wish to elaborate further, that would be appreciated, as I’m sure there will be other users who might use the wrong software to image their card.