Installing arduino-cli on Vero 4K+

hello there
I’d like to install arduino-cli and related stuff on Vero 4K+.
The install procedure from here doesn’t work: the Vero 4K+ has a arm64 architecture ( aarch64) but osmc is armhf and some libraries are 32 bit. The installer can’t detect that, there are some unfixable errors in-between and no workarounds.
These are the related issues on github, with all the details:

As you can tell, the arduino folks are very collaborative. Even extra collaborative, and so nice all around, I dare to say.

Yes I can compile the code for my microcontrollers on a normal computer. But it requires removing all this stuff from behind the tv, upload the code via usb, than reposition everything. Also, I cannot do that remotely (from out of town) for fixing bugs.
They are a big red led button for rebooting the Vero (via serial via usb), a neopixel bar and a mini oled screen for info on tv programs. These are connected to a normal arduino uno board, that is connected by usb to the Vero. I know the irony of using a 0.96’’ screen for info about stuff on a 60’’ monitor panel.

I could install some related programs:
sudo apt-get install gcc:arm64
sudo apt-get install aarch64-toolchain-osmc
but I only have got one Vero, I don’t want to break things.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

Have you tried hacking the script and hardcoding the ARCH to ARMv7?

initArch() {
	#ARCH=$(uname -m)
	case $ARCH in
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that time I tried to manually install the related binaries (multiple architectures) and didn’t work (as you can read on github), but your hack did the trick! Yay. It compiled my sketches successfully. I was more focused on installing the aarch64 version, eh.
Thank you a lot, you were much more helpful in few lines than those on the arduino team.

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The dual architecture of the V4K continues to produce similar problems from time to time, eg Whats it 'like'?
Sundtek DVB-S USB dongle armhf vs. arm64 Tvheadend incompatibility

As you’ve found, the userland packages and libraries are 32-bit, so the way forward is usually to build for armhf.