Installing BBC iPlayer on Raspberry Pi?

Hi Sam,

I know you did suggest that I wait, but I couldn’t resist installing Alpha 3 first, just to see what it looked like, and was actually quite impressed!

One quick question, is it easy to install something like BBC iPlayer, so that I can watch TV, or am I going to have to wait for that?

Is it already, (or will it be) listed as an ‘add-on’ and if so, where?

I assume that the procedure involved will be the same in Alpha 4 anyway?

Thanks again! :smile:

Googling ‘Install iPlayer Kodi’ should give you some help there. I’m still undecided whether we want to include add-ons such as these in our app store, as this may cause a support burden.


Thanks Sam… I will give it a try, and then report back on the outcome!

I’m using iPlayer addon to watch live BBC channels, all works fine

Thanks… it does indeed… even on my non overclocked Pi and relatively slow < 3Mb/s broadband speed.

Will post more info tomorrow if anyone is interested! :smile:

I can understand why you wouldn’t want to include these types of addons for the support reason… on the other hand, perhaps if you did have a category for these and they were kept up to date it would eliminate the majority of support requests ( it stopped working due to an update etc)? Obviously with a disclaimer saying you don’t officially support them and don’t offer support for that

Just my 2 cents!

That’s the problem.

Someone needs to maintain this list and keep them up to date…


There are actually two different iPlayer addons for Kodi now.

The original one was broken for a few weeks due to changes the BBC made to their website and during that time a second one was written by another author, then the original one was updated with a fix!

Both currently work and are being updated and both have different pros and cons.

Anyone have experience using these addons from outside of the “approved region”? Can this be set up on the system running kodi, such as the rpi?

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This is all very confusing, I agree. A few days ago I installed alpha 3 of OSMC on my Raspberry Pi B+ and following Sam’s advice I ‘Googled’ how to install the BBC iPlayer, which then led me (amongst others!) to Install BBC iPlayer Kodi Jarvis & Krypton which appeared to be a fairly recent add-on, so that was the one I went with.

As mentioned above, and much to my surprise, this actually worked and I was even able to watch ‘live’ BBC programs… until this morning, when I noticed that some updating was going on in the background, and apparently i am now running an update to Kodi dated 25th January 2015.

It looks as if OSMC might have been updated also, but whether this is to ‘alpha 4’ or not, I am not sure.

Unfortunately when I went back to run iPlayer again I was presented with the message that the iPlayer script had failed, so something has obviously been changed again! :cry:

Once Sam releases alpha 4 ‘officially’ I am tempted to try and start from scratch again (no pun intended!) but personally I would love to see permanent support for iPlayer included on OSMC, as I think that many other Raspberry Pi users would also appreciate its inclusion!

This thread seems to have gone quiet but I can report that iplayer (2.6.10) seems to be working well on Alpha 4. I was particularly keen to see this because, since BBC withdrew radio player support from their Smart TV platform player, there has been no way of listening to BBC radio on demand in my living room.

iplayer installs as two add-ons, one in Music (for radio) and one in Video (for TV)

Having installed the OSMC RC this morning, I’ve had several trials of iPlayer 2.6.10
So far, live TV has worked (but I never use this normally)
Live radio for several BBC radio stations has failed to find a stream, while the ‘catchup’ for radio can provide results, but I don’t find the ones I expect for 4 extra (which may be because BBC has been ‘improving the service’, as in the past)