Installing for dummies

Hi y’all,
I’m trying to get my raspberry to work. I want to turn it into a media player, just like my hacked Apple TV2.
I did everything like it said in the instructions, however that misses quite a bit.
New SD card, formatted with sd formatter, osmc installer, put it in the raspberry and stick the plug in! It installs nicely and it reboots and then I get the screen that says music, pictures, osmc, setting etc. But after that it goes bad… it feels like the keyboard stutters. when i keep the arrow down key pressed nothing happens on the screen for seconds, then it jumps one, two or more places. After hitting and missing I come to the osmc settings where I want to check the wifi settings but that screen shows nothing but colored squares, no text. It takes a lot of waiting and ok-ing or arrow down-ing to get out of there. When i finally get to ‘power’ it will get the exit reboot etc. box up but then it crashes, i think. Nothing works, no esc-ing, no enter, nothing! only way to get out is pull the power plug and start all over again.
What shall I try next?
I did get the NOOBS thing to work on this raspberry, but I wouldn’t know what to do with that…
I have the raspberry B (how can I check that?) I have a iMac computer to create the install disc.

This is how the Rpi B looks like:

What kind of power source do you use? When I first encounted the Rpi I did the first noob mistake and used a 5V phone charger. I had tons of problems. Buy the official power adapter that you will find at

The wifi settings is just a place holder for now, you manage your network during installation. if you have a dongle that is supported it is just plug and play.

Use the search function here on this forum, many of your questions are probably already answered

Look in Wiki - OSMC, to find some answers.

This is the right adress to the Vero shop.

Thanks! I’ll try that.
Come to think of it, I have my keyboard and mouse plugged into a powered hub. I could use that to power the rasperry, could I?
Mmmmm, got to give that a try tomorrow.

It’s possible… your powered hub is more likely to be pumping 1A to each USB whereas you’ll be better served by providing 2A to the Rpi.

Take a look at every usb charger you can find in your house/apartment/abode. The output is specified in tiny little print… You’re looking for one that has output rated at 5V at 2A (or 2000mA). Chances are you may have one that delivers 2A. If not, you can buy one from the vero store as previously suggested.

I have collected more than a few of the white Samsung usb chargers (real, not fakes, as in… they came with Samsung devices) over the past few years and have several of them powering my Pi’s with great results.

The official power supply is rated 5.25V and 2A. The Rpi needs 5V on its circuits to work properly.

Wow, that’s a whole lot better! I put the rpi on the powered hub (5V - 2A) and now we’re cooking!
Before I had it on an iphone charger, the older ones that looked like a cube.
So now I’m gonna figure out how to get the movies on!
And although it works ten times better I still get a ‘hang’ after some clicking and changing settings.
Thanks for the help!

Debug logs will be required to diagnose the hangs… Prob just wait for next build to see if it’s cleared up and, likely will be.