Installing hostapd

hi 2 all

i want to create an access point using a rtl8188CUS chipset wifi dongle in Pi2. i already did this in raspbian jessie
but when i do the this in osmc, i can see AP name but cant be connected.
i googled a little and found that the main problem is connman. so i want to remove it and install isc-dhcp-server instead.

i am newbie in linux so any advise will be appreciated

i resolved my problem my self
but there is a problem
i want to change my Access Point Password and state from kodi GUI and for this purpose i must change a file hostapd.conf
so how do i create a plugin or add-on for this.does osmc have privilage to change a file in root folder and please give me a clue
thank you in advance

It sounds like you are trying to do something like this?

I think you should be able to change root files through ssh. You likely need to use the “sudo” keyword, and possibly change permissions (temporarily) on the file.

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thanks berto i had solved AP issue but my problem is now i want to change AP ssid name and wpa-passphrase from osmc not from ssh shell
i wrote a python that parse hostapd.conf,read variables and change specific variable in that file through an add-on.

my problem is giving path to that file as i figured out kodi just know its folder and does not have access to root(e.g /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf). even though i am confused with kodi path when reading from its folder
(e.g what is address of “/home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/hostapd.conf” in “”)
if you want i can send you my add on

with best regards

Please post a link to the add-on. It sounds like it would help a lot of WN725 users.

See the lines at the top of kodi.log

17:34:08  46.471146 T:1958179376  NOTICE: special://xbmc/ is mapped to: /usr/share/kodi
17:34:08  46.471203 T:1958179376  NOTICE: special://xbmcbin/ is mapped to: /usr/lib/kodi
17:34:08  46.471264 T:1958179376  NOTICE: special://masterprofile/ is mapped to: /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata
17:34:08  46.471325 T:1958179376  NOTICE: special://home/ is mapped to: /home/osmc/.kodi
17:34:08  46.471386 T:1958179376  NOTICE: special://temp/ is mapped to: /home/osmc/.kodi/temp
17:34:08  46.471497 T:1958179376  NOTICE: The executable running is: /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin
17:34:08  46.471603 T:1958179376  NOTICE: Local hostname: OSMC_SP
17:34:08  46.471668 T:1958179376  NOTICE: Log File is located: /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

it’s what i wrote (Download)

i placed “hostapd.conf” in home folder(/home/osmc/.kodi) but it seems add on does not do any thing at all

thanks Diligaf i Know this i think i need an example that read or write from a file in Raspi. it can be modified or it’s concept can be used