Installing Moode Audio with OSMC

Hello everyone,

my question might sound stupid to some of you, but I would like to install Moode Audio on an SD card that has OSMC run on it. And believe it or not, I don´t know how to do…since the installation guide from Moode Audio asks to download a zip file and install it directly on an SD card.

Can both “OS” coexist ? If so, how ?

Thank you

You could install Moode to a second SD card and swap them back and forth with your RPi powered off. This would probably be a good option if your wanting to get your feet wet with that project. In the long term if you want to use both projects you would probably want dedicated hardware for each. You might be able to setup a dual boot setup where when you power up/reboot you can select which OS for it to boot to but that is out of scope for this forum.

Thank you. I hoped I could have both run in parallel, like an MPD audio… I’ll think about how to proceed. Thanks again