Installing open vpn and related questions


I would like to install open vpn on a Vero 4K plus, but got some questions about it;

Where can I get the best .zip file for this installation? (for the install from zip file option)
Once installed, will it be automatically updated once a while?
Do I need to update the program myself once a while?
Is it possible to force the unit to connect via the vpn and/or when it losts its connection, it will not re-connect again without the vpn working.

I got a abonnement for privatevpn, with username and password. would like to install it on Vero, but don’t understand the questions yet. Can I use one of their installing files from their website?

Any help and directions highly appriciated!

I had no luck using the KODI plug in. SSH in with PuTTY or a similar “Telnet” program and run the commands from the command line.
Here’s my four month battle with the GUI: OpenVPN to my home router - #6 by Smacaroni
Since I control both ends of the VPN, the fact that I couldn’t make it work tells me it’s less likely that you’ll have any success when you can only see and modify one end.

Mine reconnects to the VPN if the connection, not the network, is interrupted. In my case, it can not access any files without the VPN, so I can’t answer your other questions.

Thanks for your reply, but that is way above what I want to have, I think.

I only want my Vero connecting to the internet via openvpn (or an other app) to my privatevpn membership account. So its IP is hidden at all times.

Is there someone who can explain how to do this?

Yes just use zomboided vpn manager.

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Hi mark22,

Thank you for your help. I followed other manuals that lead me to the terminal and modify a conf file, not knowing what I was doing at all.

It is connected now to a ‘depecated vpn’. Will get in touch with privatevpn and send them some screenshots :wink:

This is the way, can set location per application or pvr :+1::love_you_gesture:t2::black_joker: