Installing OSMC on SD card without SD card reader!

Hi All,

I am still running XBMC. I never upgraded as I was afraid my favourite add on MLBMC wouldn’t work with any new versions of Kodi but no it seams it is so I am keen to move.

However, after having never used it since I initially installed 2 years ago, I know find out that my SD card reader doesn’t work!

Is there a way to install without needing to connect the SD card to my PC? I can see the Pi in “My Computer” and when I click on it I get “devices” and “pi” folders.

That is a picture of inside the pi folder if it helps.

Or can I SSH in to install? Or upgrade from inside XBMC? I am running XBMC 13.2 at the moment. No idea of the Raspmc version, the Raspmc Settings Addon doesn’t tell me…


You’ll probably want to get another SD card reader. It is theoretically possible, but it could be tricky.


OK thanks Sam. I was afraid that was it. Teach me to pay $5 for a card reader.

It’s not how cheaply you get it, but what you get supplied with.
A while back I purchased a card reader, not the cheapest, and it literally destroyed a card with the prongs which make contact with the card.
I then bought a cheaper one from the same supplier, but ensured this time that it was a ‘Trust’ reader - this has been used many times with no problem.

I wouldn’t even bother spending hours trying to figure out how to upgrade without a card reader when you can get one this cheaply.

(And yes it does work, I have one, and although it does feel very cheaply made, it works OK)

Any idea on what overseas shipping will be?

I tried the cheapest one i could find. Was gonna go up a grade.