Installing Plex Media Server on my Raspberry Pi 3

Hi all,

I’ve always loved my Raspberry Pi and OSMC, my wife and son not so much. My son loves his Apple TV device and just bought us one. I have to admit it’s a pretty slick device and I really do like it.

I have my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ hooked up to my TV and use it all the time. I did set up the Plex Media Server on my PC and had no problem setting up my Plex to access the USB hard drive on my Pi with no problem. However, I don’t want to leave my PC on.

Is there an easy way to install Flex Media Server on my Pi? I don’t want to have to use command prompts, etc. I’m using the Confluence interface.


There won’t be a way to do this without using the command line, no.

Thanks, Sam!

Same with Vero 4K+? I tried doing it with my Raspberry Pi but was getting errors.

The Vero also lacks the ability to install the Plex server without touching the command line. Either platform would be installed folling the directions found here…