Installing third party repos

OSMC kodi client can’t install third party repos.
I am trying to install Jellycon from this repo, but I keep getting no network connection errors. I’ve tested it on other devices and it works. I’ve also pinged from ssh and I am not getting any pack loss. I have a wired interface as well. Anyone know the issue?

Maybe their website is down.
You could also try reboot your device

I’ve rebooted and the directory is currently working on another device.

I’ve even used scp /home/michael/Downloads/ osmc@ and it still doesn’t work, but once again it works on a stock version of kodi.

I suggest posting some logs


The URL that Kodi is trying to load (Jellyfin repo) does not seem to exit:

I would check you are using the latest repo or if that repo still exists…

Sorry, the link I tried was this one.

Can you please upload a log showing Kodi trying to load that link?