Installing without installer

Due to access issues with a work laptop in not able to see my usb drive using the installer.
I want to load the image using windisk but the image download seems to be a .gz file and if i put this on the pi nothing happens.
what is the correct process?

You should never image your USB drive. Even for a USB installation, you should be imaging the SD card and letting the Pi set it up.


Mistyped. .meant sd card (have to use usb adapter same rights issue means i cant write to sd card in the sd slot) but can write to card in adapter. .think that’s causing the onstaller not to see the sd card in the adapter

So to clarify for reasons linked work laptop restrictions i need a way to put the osmc rc2 image onto an sd card via an image tool (windisk) and bypass the extremely useful installer tool I’m unable to use :frowning:

What OS are you using. Have a few ways to circumvent some restrictions depending on OS and type of restriction and how the restrictions are implemented.

Windows 7 enterprise

But just wondering if there is a way to put the image on my sd and plug it into my pi to let in install work. .just seems like i need a process to bypass the installer

Try using something like Win32DiskImager and extract the img.gz first before you re-image the device.


Dont seem to have the choice to extract…but the .gz is the right thing to burn? I’m not looking for a. Img?

Have you tried using a portable version of Win32diskimager? (just before you try and get around the execution policy, which could get you fired if a system administrator finds out, and it’s easy to find out fyi)

Y yes i can burn to the sd when connected via a usb adapter (just the sd write seems to be locked) but burning it and then putting it in to the pi didn’t work.
Will try again. .just want it confirmed that the .img.gz file from the download tab of osmc should work if on the sd and plugged into the pi

We have lift off needed to transfer to phone to extract and then send it back to the laptop to burn img

Sorry to waste your time guys.

And Sam thanks for the sd I’ll let you know about performance

.img.gz is a zipped .img file. You can uncompress/unzip it with 7zip in Windows and then you’ll be left with a .img file. Alternatively Usbit will directly write an .img.gz to an sd card without uncompressing it