Installing Xeoma (Help)

Hello everyone! I am a novice in the world of Raspberry. OSMC recommended me as a media center and saw that there are a couple of useful addons that would result me. I have a few IP cameras and wanted to add to them on the TV (for example when someone comes home and make some kind of follow-up until it reaches the door) the issue is that recommended me Xeoma ( but can not find how to install it, could help me with that? or recommend any addon that allows me to create my TV viewer cameras?

Thank you all!
Greetings from Argentina!!!

I would suspect that this will require an Xorg/X11 window manager which OSMC does not use.

The file I downloaded is called:
xeoma_linux_arm.tgz and inside has the file

How can I implement Xorg / X11 ??

Sorry for all the questions but am clueless middle.

i guess a multiboot ?
One with Raspbian for X11 and one with Osmc for kodi ?