I downloaded the image file from the osmc website, after doing some googling, I found out I needing “unzip” which I installed, I then extracted the img file but don’t know what to do with it. I do have an image writing tool that I got from the raspberry pi website, which i used to write raspbian to my sd card.
I can’t be sure I should do that with osmc though as I think it will just format the whole sd card.
I had to come here using my pc, as when I clicked on signup on the pis epiphany browser nothing happend.
This is off topic, but I hate the epiphany browser, it has no history, no way to make a page favourite, frequently crashes and no way to set a homepage. If anyone can tell me how to install ice weasel (firefox) I would appreciate it, as I tried other instructions online and after that, when I try to boot my pi screen was black with a blinking cursor, so i reflashed the sd card.

hope to hear from you soon thanks.

please reply someone, will check back soon.

While you just should be ignored with that attitude I am somehow still going to reply to you.

  1. If you want to install OSMC as your one and only operating system on the SD card then use the OSMC installer that is available on the Webpage. That will format and repartition the SD card and install OSMC
  2. If you want to install OSMC besides another operating system than you would need to use NOOBS Installer
    FYI you will not be able to do that without out a SD card reader if you plan to do it on the Pi it self unless you already have NOOBS installed.