Instant Shutdown when ShutdownMenu opens

Hi All,

I have a little BT keyboard that has a special key (with a lock icon). For the last years, that key opened the ShutdownMenu and I could select what to do. Since a few weeks, whenever I press this button, the ShutdownMenu opens, but the system instantly initiates a power off.

I tried this on several skins (including the OSMC skin) and it is everywhere the same.
I have no custom keyboard.xml in my userdata/keymaps.

I am unable to get back the old feedback. I would also be happy to simply deactivate that key…

Thanks for any ideas!

To understand what is going on the first thing would be for you to reboot, turn on debug logging, then press the button that causes the issue. After turning the machine back on upload logs and post the url to the logs in this thread.

This sounds like another thread that I managed to reproduce and find a fix that worked for me but apparently not for the OP…

The button can be disabled if that is what you want…

Here comes the log:

It looks like it is the same as the other thread. I don’t know why the modification @sam_nazarko made to fix this didn’t work as expected but I think if you make the change I detail in this post it should fix it…

Note that because this modifies a system configuration file it may get overwritten by an update at some point.

Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot!!

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