Insteresting Ted Talks as morning alarm + more scripts

Hello, If you are like me and you like ted talks read below on how you can setup you pi to start playing random Ted Talks from a category of your choosing.

You need to have cron installed to schedule this script to run every morning ( or any other time of the day that you like ).

  1. get a youtube api v3 for yourself
  2. install cron & python3 & youtube addon
  3. download the script to your pi & edit it to provide your youtube api to it.
  4. set a cronjob to run the script at whatever time you like.

** I’ll add more details if anyone is intersted.
** let me know if there are any issues with the script. (here or comment on the gist )


This one is for playing youtube search results from cli. Not that advanced but I use it often.
config and type:

./ ‘italobrothers’

Help!. I need help improving this one. When I’m adding items to playlist ( {“file”:“uri”} ) is there way to specify a label or name somesort? so that the items in the resulting playlist are more descriptive.

Playing trending music of the week
Play trending music of the week