Instruction to setup DVB-S - USB Tuner


is there an instruction available, how to attach a DVB-S USB Tuner to OSMC ?
Thank You.


Well “attaching” works like always by plugging the USB stick into the device.
The major question then is if OSMC has any driver for your device and you might have to load a firmware. To understand that you would review dmesg messages.
If you have the drivers and the device is shown in hot-state then you can do next step.
And that would be as simple as installing tvheadend-server from App Store.
To configure tvheadend server I suggest you search thru this forum which has some good tutorial or just use tutorial available on internet. Last step enable the TVheadend Client in OSMC.

thank you for reply.
I know dmesg from my Debian and OpenSuse distro on PC, but I do not know how to run dmesg in OSMC yet.
Also I searched for “TVheadend” Client in OSMC video addons and could not find it.
Results of dmesg on my PC with DVB-Tuner attached results in :

`[ 1562.659800] usb 1-10: New USB device found, idVendor=9022, idProduct=d660
[ 1562.659806] usb 1-10: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
[ 1562.659812] usb 1-10: Product: DVBS2BOX
[ 1562.659817] usb 1-10: Manufacturer: TBS-Tech
[ 1562.660421] dvb-usb: found a ‘TeVii S660 USB’ in cold state, will try to load a firmware
[ 1562.660539] dvb-usb: downloading firmware from file ‘dvb-usb-s660.fw’
[ 1562.660544] dw2102: start downloading DW210X firmware
[ 1562.778063] dvb-usb: found a ‘TeVii S660 USB’ in warm state.
[ 1562.778213] dvb-usb: will pass the complete MPEG2 transport stream to the software demuxer.
[ 1562.778506] DVB: registering new adapter (TeVii S660 USB)
[ 1562.906437] dvb-usb: MAC address: 00:18:bd:5a:ff:78
[ 1562.909064] DS3000 chip version: 0.192 attached.
[ 1562.923069] ts2020_attach: Find tuner TS2020!
[ 1562.923181] dw2102: Attached ds3000+ds2020!

[ 1562.923197] usb 1-10: DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Montage Technology DS3000)…
[ 1562.923814] input: IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.1/usb1/1-10/input/input10
[ 1562.923948] dvb-usb: schedule remote query interval to 150 msecs.
[ 1562.923957] dvb-usb: TeVii S660 USB successfully initialized and connected.`

Maybe someone got the TeVii S660 USB already to work

thanks wally

OSMC = Debian :slight_smile:

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

The client is there in PVR section of Kodi addons!

And the server is in AppStore in MyOSMC

thank you
I think I can work with this info now

I installes (successfully) TVheadend server and it is running,
but I can not find the client.
Where can I find PVR section ?
I do not have any “kodi” to choose

enabled Live TV now but can not find a client

I am not close to my OSMC but basically in the Settings -> Addons -> There will definetly be a PVR section somewhere just look around.

fzinken, thnaks for you patience

I ckecked several times all menu, but you know, sometimes it’s in front of your eyes and you do not see it :slightly_smiling:

Can not find any PVR section. Maybe you remember a clients name and I can find this (?)

Not sure what you mean with “a clients name”? Obvisouly if you have installed the TVHeadend Server the client is called TVHeadend Client :wink:

I can sent you screenshots later

I’m looking for something like VLC, Kaffeine, MPlayer or similar but specific for OSMC.
And something I can search for channels on SAT.

OK, I’ll wait for the screenshot :slightly_smiling:
thank you

Ok I will not be able to sent you screen shots before tomorrow. But basically you are looking for something totally wrong.
You need to look for “PVR Addon” 'TVHeadend Client" configure that to point to and then you will have your sat channels under “Live TV”.

Search here in the forum on TVHeadend plenty of good information.

thank you :slightly_smiling:

Does that mean you found it?

no, sorry
too tired already, I’ll try maybe tomorrow

Hello fzinken,

you are right, I have fundamental understanding problems.
I can reach the tvheadend configuration on oscmIP:9981
but I have no idea how to setup the satellites.

“DVB scan files path:” ?
or /Configuration/DVB Inputs
I have a 2 satellite installation with hotbird and Astra
so I guess I have a 4 port multiswitch (?), but I have still no idea what to set in Basic settings for "AA, AB, Ba, BB
I need a tutorial how to setup SAT DVB-S2

How to post screenshots here on the forum ?

regards wally

That is not OSMC specific suggest to read up on TVHeadend Tutorial and setups - Tvheadend

no, this is all much too complex for me.
I think I give up and search for alternatives.
anyway, thank you !



I didn’t gave up, too curious :slightly_smiling:

Now I get behind the tvheadend stuff and successfully watched LiveTV.
So far on PC. On Raspberry all is pretty much the same, except a detail:
I get audio but the screen remains black.
Is it possible that I need to provid a MPEG License key to fix that ?

cheers wally


bingo :smile: