Instructions for idiots

I just bought myself a vero 4K.Can anyone point me at the right direction to find a guide how to connect my PC windows 10 to vero 4k.
I have spend four to five hours on this community but I can’t find any.
What I need is a step-by-step instructions how to make settings in windows and what programs i need to download.This was a bit too difficult for me with almost no computer skills. I would be really grateful if someone could help me.
I can always use it as a doorstop but it would be much nicer if it works.


Well I hope this helps

Thanks for your reply
I looked at that post yesterday the problem for me is that I don’t even know where to start.I am a total beginner I don’t understand half of what they write. That’s why I need step by step instructions to do the settings in Windows. Thanks Magnus

Windows 10 can easily serve your files for you. It has a built-in DLNA server (which is an uncomplicated way to set up media shares). I found a pretty beginner-friendly guide here to set it up and add files which you want to be shared:

These files can then be accessed on your network without any complicated setup, just add the video source to Kodi/OSMC:

There are certain benefits to SMB/NFS but they are also a bit harder to setup and you probably won’t miss anything.

@sid6581’s advice is good. We didn’t want to go into the details of how to set up other machines - there are so many NASs out there and there should be plenty of sites telling you how to set up Windows shares.

Come back if you get stuck.

Thank you guys for trying to help me.I just can’t get it to work i give up. I have to realize I don’t have the knowledge or skill for this .I just bought myself a real expensive doorstop


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This may help getting the windows share setup on windows:

Thanks Tom.