Instructions re reinstall

As my other topic to get help received zero answers, I will have to factory reset; however, this is not working as described on the wiki.

Downloaded 4k image and out onto usb card = boots to kodi
Downloaded 4k image and put on sd card= boots to kodi
Downloaded 4k image and put on sd card, unzipped and renamed to recovery.img and 30 sec reboot button= remains on please wait logo

Can I request help please?

Downloaded 4k image and put on usb stick, unzipped and renamed to recovery.img and 30 sec reboot button= message -> waiting for root fil ssystem device /dev/vero-nand/root
fatal error- could not find root file system device…

AFter doing the 30 sec trick, regardless of what I do, I now get the above error even when trying to boot normally

If you get that message, just install again, without the recovery button option.

Via which method?

SD card seems the most reliable. Can you post the contents of the SD card image?

Background: normally just inserting an SD card ‘just works’. But if the system has got really messed up the first install does some low-level stuff, after which a second install works as expected. In my experience.

Formatted as fat32 image

so 30 sec trick with sd install?

You need to use an installer. Are you formatting the card on Windows?

I had done, yes. I assumed just putting the recover.img it would have picked it up anyhow but will try with the installer as you suggest

Yep,seems to be progressing now, thanks Graham

I don’t understand where you got recovery.img from. You can just unzip the downloaded image and copy the contents onto the card - you will get 3 files.

I unzipped the .gz file which resulted in OSMC_TGT_vero3_20200607.img which I assumed was the recovery.img. Did I need to unpack a further level?

Yes, just seen this. The wiki instructions could be more explicit to avoid missed steps, as I had done

I’ve been learning Python lately but still didn’t understand your post. Needs a Python expert.

Yes. That image can be dd’ed across to the card (on linux) or opened with a suitable utility and the files insdie copied across.

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No worries. Will go this route anyhow. Cheers for the help

“images” are normally considered to be written to a medium.

Well the the Wiki instructions start with>

Go to the [Download]( page and download the installer for your computer.
Select the latest Vero 4K image in the installer, and insert an SD card or USB stick

And then it says if normal recovery is not working.

* Prepare the SD card or USB drive following the steps above
* Before removing the SD card, rename the file ‘kernel.img’ to ‘recovery.img’