Insufficient space for update error. Rpi4, noobs image

Hi there.

I’m using the latest OSMC (08.2021) installed from NOOBS image (PINN instalator) on Raspberry Pi4 and lately I’m geting an on-screen error that says “Insufficient space for update”.
I’ve looked for similiar threads and found out, that there needs to be at least 30MB free space on /boot partition, but I have few MB less.
The partition itself is very small:
/dev/mmcblk0p8 79M 59M 21M 74% /boot
and I think there is nothing I could safely delete.
So my question is - is there a way to extend this partition without breaking whole PINN install?
The NOOBS image (and also partition layout) from what I’ve found is prepared by OSMC team, so maybe You have some ideas how to fix this?

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Thanks for the report.

It looks like we’ll need to make that partition larger for future installations.


Thanks for the lightning fast answer, Sam :slight_smile:
And do You think there’s something that I can do at the moment?

You could manually adjust the partition sizes using fdisk or parted – but I’d recommend taking a backup before doing so.

You could try re-installing as this should now be fixed in: [installer] [noob] partitions.json: increase boot filesystem size · osmc/osmc@3d8a4ec · GitHub

Thanks for the report


Thanks again. I will definietly try to reinstall and I’ll give You feedback, but probably after the weekend.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks – do let me know.

Unfortunately neither “reinstall” nor “replace” did help.
I kind of assumed that simple “reinstall” might not be sufficient because it doesn’t repartition the system.
But why didn’ t “replace” option set new proper sizes?
After both operations (replace/reinstall) partition table didn’t change a bit - still 79M on /boot partition.
I’ve tried one more thing and installed OSMC on temporary Project Space which I had laying arround - and it also didn’t repartition - but at least here I had already /boot partition with 150MB size.

Is it something You can look more into or is it time to ask PINN support? :slight_smile:

Best regards.

It might be worth asking if PINN are following the latest JSON from our download server or if they’re mirroring it locally.


OK, so I have answer from PINN developer.
It seems that partition layout is generated only once at the first time when the desired OSes (and Project Spaces) are installed. Reinstalling and Replacing OSes within existing PINN configuration does not change partition sizes.
So, Your fix is proper - fresh install of whole PINN now should create 144MB bootfs.
But for existing installs there not much that can be done besides manualy changing partition sizes.
At least now I know how this works :slight_smile:
If someone’s interested this is the issue on PINN:

Thank You for all the help and work :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming.