Integrate RPiPlay (Airplay Mirroring)


It seems a very new project with limited platform support. For now, I’d recommend just building it from source and running it if you’re interested



These could be daft questions, but can this be run without stopping Kodi Sam?

Any reason it wouldn’t work on Vero 4K+?


Haven’t checked this in much detail, but the only renderer that could be used is the RPi one which is using dispmanx and OMX for playback, so this won’t work on Vero 4K / 4K + as is, but it looks like support could be added trivially enough.

Kodi would need to be stopped. It would be better to get this functionality in to Kodi.


Very interesting…I have a spare pi3B+ knocking around so I’ll give it a little test drive to see what the performance is like.

It would be great to have this functionality back in Kodi eventually, I used to use it all the time before ios9.


Are you sure you didn’t use AirPlay?
I think this provides support for Airplay Mirroring, which is a bit different



Yeah you’re right Sam.

Although the functionality would still come in very handy to mirror my MacBook to my TV…I currently have to use a HDMI lead trailing across the room to achieve this.


I’m a Vero 4K and Vero 4K+ user and My biggest use cases are mirroring YouTube (just because it browses easier quicker on a smartphone), mirroring photo slideshows and mirroring MacBook Pro (browser/presentation).


I’ve just given this a quick test on a Pi4 and it performs really well.


Looking at this in a bit more detail, there might be some legal implications implementing this in OSMC let alone the technical challenges.



I was worried about that…still there’s always room for one of my hacky workarounds if it can’t be done officially on the Pi.

Hopefully some kind, clever soul will port it for the Vero as I wouldn’t have a Scooby Doo where to start there lol.


Out of interest Sam, there is third party software available to buy that implements this functionality…how do they get round the legal implications?


Official applications (car manufacturers, presentation software companies etc) license it from Apple.

This prevents a game of cat and mouse where Apple can keep killing the technology at any time.


Ahhh that makes sense.

PS ill chip in a tenner lol.