Integrating OPDS book server with OSMC on Raspberry PI

I am wondering how difficult will be to integrate OPDS book server into OSMC on Raspberry Pi. I mean to actually run it in parallel with Kodi under Linux
Here is a link about OPDS
Here are couple of OPDS Linux implementations:;


I’ll see what we can do


Thanks, that request is on the radar.

A related question: is there a good book name-cleaner, art scraper out there that you know of?

Thank you, I will look into book name-cleaner and art scraper. Typically I use Calibre to do batch book conversion (EPUB and FB2) to normalize book files names (author first, then title). Have not done art removal yet. Usually, if I use good reader, art/images in EPUB don’t bother me. In contrary, since my hobby is photography, I like EPUBs to maintain book original look and feel, including illustrations. Lately, I am happy with Moon Pro reader on Android. It reads well FB2, EPUB and PDF.

Happy New Year to you and all OSMC team!


There is another program to do batch epub metadata conversion at Releases · benchen71/epub-metadata-editor · GitHub

And discussion about this project at

Let me know if this is what you are looking for


Thank you and Happy New Year!


Cops runs fine on the pi, and calibre will run as a server

ssh into your pi,
sudo apt-get install calibre

To run as a service, create a file /lib/systemd/system/calibre.service
with the following contents (change the /media/Calibre Library to wherever yours is located,
and change -p 9000 to whatever port you want to run on)
then to make it run every time on boot…
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable calibre
sudo systemctl start calibre

Point your browser at http://address_of_pi:9000 eg

#------------------ calibre.service -----------------------
Description=Calibre Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/calibre-server -p 9000 --with-library "/media/Calibre Library"

Thanks. Can you point me to a good instructions how to install Calibre on OSMC driven Pi?

I’ve heard that Calibre on Pi is bulky and slow.What is your experience?

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I’m running on a Pi2 and have not noticed it being slow.
I run Kodi, and have permanently running servers for apache2, calibre-server, cops, headphones, lazylibrarian, transmission, sabnzbd+, cups, jackett and Sonarr, and the pi2 runs fine.

As regards size, calibre uses about half as much memory as the Kodi process. More than sonarr (mono) or any of the python servers (headphones, lazylibrarian), but not a huge problem.

The main issue with calibre-server for me is adding or modifying the library. I find it easier to modify the library on my laptop over the network than to use the commandline calibredb tool

Thank you. My problem is that I have no experience with Linux. Maybe somebody can create an OPDS implementation for OSMC app store similar to how Samba or FTP Client are done.

It’s very easy to install, have a look at

Thank you. I will look into this one.