Integration of audio convolution via wav files

I have a vero 4K for playing videos and audio files, from various format.
For video sound output the vero 4K is connected via hdmi to my Denon AVR-X2200W.

For audio file principaly flac, the vero 4k sound output is connected via optical Toslink to a behringer DEQ 2496 to make room correction, and the DEQ 2496 optical out connected to the Denon.

This solution is not perfect, because the DEQ 2496 correct only frequencies, but do never correct the audio phase.

For the moment to listen my music, I have in test a core duo with ubuntu 18.04 with native JRIVER software, and convolution files to correct both room and phase, but JRIVER is not free, you have to buy it after 1 month.

I see that VOLUMIO use brutefir for convolution.

Is it possible to create a patch to have room correction via convolution in vero 4K.

Thank’s for your answers

@DBMandrake was looking at this a few weeks ago.