Interlaced video 576i playback


In the past I used to watch interlaced videos with OSMC on my RPI2, there was on option to set on “off” or “auto” for deinterlacing the video during the playback.
Now I changed my RPI2 to RPI4 and videos in 576i (from PAL DVD 50fps, 4:3) can be read but when I go to the video settings during the playback the option for deinterlacing is there but “gray” (not enabled).

Is this related to the new version of OSMC or maybe this doesn’t work with the RPI4 ?
I didn’t find any option in the general settings.

Deinterlacing isn’t supported at this time under the new V4L2/GBM video stack.


I read in the libreelec forums that deinterlacing is working well in their nightly builds and that they intend to release the functionality officially with LE 10.0.2 which will be released short-term, soon after Kodi 19.4 is available (Link1, Link2, Link3).

Is the OSMC situation similarly advanced or do we OSMC fellows need to have a bit more patience?

You will need to wait for stable builds. Kodi v19.4 has not been officially released yet.

19.4 is out and also Libreelec 10.0.2.
Deinterlacing here works via a specific patch which has not yet been merged back to Kodi (explanations here).

Will the upcoming OSMC release also include this patch or will OSMC users have to wait until these improvements are part of Kodi officially?

Kodi v19.4 is already released for Pi on OSMC.

There will be a sync from @popcornmix’s Kodi branch on the next release.

We have downstream improvements for Pi and don’t depend on official support in Kodi – so you don’t need to worry about excessive timeframes.

Nice! That’s great to hear.

Kodi v19.4 is already released for Pi on OSMC.

Did I miss something or was this a typo? Kodi 19.4 was just released some days ago and the last OSMC release from December only featured v19.3.

It is in the testing branch currently.