Intermittent remote issue

Hi all,
My remote keeps stopping working. Ive changed the battery (first thought), then did the reset/pair thing, but basically it will occasionally work then just completely stop connecting. Ive tried moving the USB in and out in case it’s a bad connection, but can’t find anything obvious.
Any thoughts?

If you upload some logs from My OSMC, we can see if the receiver is behaving as expected


Sorry for the delay responding!

So the remote just doesn’t seem to want to connect at all now. The blue light still flashes in the end when a button is pressed but no connection to the main device.

Any idea how I can get the logs if the remote is connecting? I can’t think of another way to set up an interface connection.

You could use the web interface, CEC or an IR remote


I might have an IR remote I can dig out and try. If that doesn’t work how/what is the web interface?

If enabled in Kodi’s settings you can use a web browser sitting on the same network and type in the ip address of your OSMC device (followed by a colon and port number if using something other than 80 in Kodi’s settings) to bring up a web page that allows you to interact and control Kodi.

You can also interact with Kodi using a standard USB keyboard.

Managed to get hold of a usb keyboard and just uploaded logs:

HTTPS:// gohiyibize

The remote worked for a couple of clicks then went dead (it had been dead all morning prior).

I can’t get Wi-Fi to connect either which is also part of the delay as had to run a cable across the room. Would be good if I could hook the Wi-Fi up too if there’s a way to do that.

Thanks in advance for any help.